50 Shades of Green

So, I made some supper for my daughter. Fruits and a sandwich. Sometimes she might be a bit tired at this hour and act up. Slightly crummy apples, those browns sports on bananas or wrong amount of drink just won’t do then. The routine that follows usually entails diplomacy, arguments, bribes, threats and pretty much anything that would improve the odds for her eating something before she goes to bed. This time the problem was the sandwich, more precisely the butter coverage of it.

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Test Leadership Congress 2019 teaser

So, I got to speak at Test Leadership Congress 2019 next June. As a grim Finn I usually keep my composure, but when I got the mail from the organisers that I was accepted as a speaker, I danced. Getting to speak at conferences is always a tremendous honor and a unique opportunity to share something that might benefit people in their daily struggles. But it is something quite special when the stage is in my absolute favourite city in the world, New York.

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Back to work

Ok, back to work. I chose to leave my business aspirations for now and start doing what I love the most, and where I’m most beneficial to people who struggle in the turmoils of digital world: As of today, I coach testing and DevOps in Elisa, the biggest telecom company in Finland. I also try to do some diary work here while at it. Stories about my actual work instead of general smartassery I’ve been prone to practice. Wisdom has started to grow interest on me. Let’s see, if it catches my fast moving ass.

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So, where were we?

Since the last post at The Adventures Of Space Monkey A LOT has happened. At that time I worked in Telia where I tried to breathe life into their testing operations. The better I got in my job, the more aware Telia became of the challenges it needs to meet in order to function properly in modern technology market. But there was no one to help them before these challenges…

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