Mayfly wranglers rule ok!!1

I work in business now. The biggest downside of this is that the distance between me and the things I hold dearest professionally seems to grow with alarming rate. I don’t want to complain about this, but instead I want to share something I’ve learned about this, before I return back into doing what I love.

Business lives from fads. Something that creates temporary and often dramatic movement in the market. The idea of DevOps is a good example. Like the idea of Agile, idea of Lean, or for example Pokemon, Hubba Bubba or those godawful UGG boots for that matter. Why I used the word “idea” instead of just writing DevOps, Agile, Lean, etc? That’s because people have an idea of what for example DevOps is without any intentions to study the history of it or how successful companies and teams have actually applied it. It is something involving development and operations, right? Perhaps some containers? Oh, someone said CI/CD? Jenkins? It’s like new Agile, right? Well, no. But that’s the idea business usually has about DevOps and that’s the level business usually talks about it. Business seeks understanding to the extent of economical feasibility and leaves it there. “Can we sell this?” is often asked. ROIs, break even points, pricing adjustments. If it gets any more complicated than that, business loses its interest. DevOps is tolerated by business as long as it brings meat on the table.

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The gravity of kindness

Have you ever met a person who is so good at her/his job, that she/he seems to solve all your problems? In my line of profession these magic makers are of technical sort and usually titled as developers, sysadmins, testers, architects, etc. They can code you something, give you access to crucial places, provide valuable information, draw you a bigger picture, etc. in the crossfire of people who expect a heap of things from you. I couldn’t do my job without these people. And where as they are not only very skilled individuals, they are also often very helpful. Very kind. To a point.

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