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Hi. I’m Sami and I often sum up myself something like this: Father | Husband | Xennial | QA Lead @ SOK | Context-driven tester @ large | Black and white belt jujutsuka | Whisky enthusiast | Disc golfer | Gamer | C-walker | ENFP | Dad bod. Where as in Linkedin, Twitter, conference bio, etc. that kind of summaries are the way to go, here I can spread my wings a bit and open up the mystery behind those words. So let’s get at it.

  • Father. Yes, I’m a father of two. My daughter Vilja was born in October 2014 and my son Max in June 2018. I live for these two wonderful human beings.
  • Husband. I met my wife Malin in December 1999 and we’ve been together since. Got married in August 2012. The love of my life.
  • Xennial. I was born in May 1978, which means that I belong to “the micro-generation that serves as a bridge between the disaffection of Gen X and the blithe optimism of Millennials”. More from Wikipedia.
  • QA Lead. I don’t believe in “quality assurance”, because you cannot assure something as endless and vague as quality. You can however ask questions that map the state of quality on certain areas, so that’s what I do and try to lead: Question Assurance. Another, equally good option is Quality Argonaut. Either way, my recent focus area for heroics is SOK, the biggest retail & service company and private employer in Finland.
  • Context-driven tester. I’ve always been a tester (well, provider of valuable feedback via testing) driven by context, and I always will be. It’s in my DNA. I provide my services via Happy Monkey, where I work as a co-founder/chairman of the board/CEO/principal consultant/janitor/[insert title here].
  • Black and white belt jujutsuka. I have a 1st dan black belt in Hontai Yoshin Ruy jujutsu and I have a white belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. I have also some belt grades from other martial arts, but I don’t remember those. Since 2000 I have probably been on tatami 1000+ times and I only hope that I’ve also learned something. Now I focus on BJJ at Crest.
  • Whisky enthusiast. I’ve tasted 400+ different whiskies and still go to different events and tastings regularly to broaden my view. Currently we have five different casks maturing in different distilleries and I have some fine drams at home too. Glenmorangie is probably my distillery of choice, but for example few Bunnahabhain IB bottlings have had almost religious effect on me. Sláinte!
  • Disc golfer. I’ve been a disc golfer for about 10 years now. It’s good fun with friends, but I also like to go and relax just by myself. I enjoy watching it, studying it, collecting discs, you name it. My spiritual home course is Loviisa DGP (I was born in Loviisa) and I belong to a local disc golf club, Loviisan Frisbeegolf ry.
  • Gamer. I’ve fiddled with computers since kindergarten. Since the early 80s. Did some programming, but what really took my heart was gaming. Games have always been a huge thing for me, no matter what the platform. I’m more inclined to play with computers, but I have plenty of consoles, handhelds and such too, and I have constantly 20-30 games “under work”. My online tag is pr0mille, so say hi when we meet.
  • C-walker. Ok, this in a bit random. My friends filled me in that when I go partying and dance, my natural movement resembles Crip Walk (or C-walk). The story behind it was so cool that sometimes I have even included this skill to my CV. Of course I have to know how good the sense of humor is on the receiving end…
  • ENFP. Even if I don’t actively seek employment, I tend to go to job interviews just to keep myself sharp and my finger on the job market pulse. I constantly test myself too and going to job interviews is the best kind of testing for professional relevance. Some of the interviews include psychological tests such as PAPI analysis, DISC analysis, Belbin Team Role assessment, and of course the famous Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. In MBTI I’m ENFP, which means I have inclination towards Extraversion, Intuition, Feelings and Perception. There has been of course a lot of criticism towards these kind of evaluations, but suitable results act beautifully as personal marketing material. This is why I shout about my ENFP inclination.
  • Dad bod. Yes, I’m a bit bear like. Soft and huggable. Even though I do my share of sports I like to enjoy life by eating, drinking and relaxing. Sometimes more than I should. And that shows. And that’s ok. I like bears.

I do tons of other things too like compose electronic music, play Magic The Gathering, take photos and do all kinds of sports from gym to devouring miles and miles of highway with my bicycle, but I quess I need to wrap this up at some point. So there. Me in a nutshell. End.

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