Test Leadership Congress 2019 teaser

So, I got to speak at Test Leadership Congress 2019 next June. As a grim Finn I usually keep my composure, but when I got the mail from the organisers that I was accepted as a speaker, I danced. Getting to speak at conferences is always a tremendous honor and a unique opportunity to share something that might benefit people in their daily struggles. But it is something quite special when the stage is in my absolute favourite city in the world, New York.

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Sir Blom?!

Ok, domain changed to sirblom.com. Capslockholmes.com was clever and all, and I will keep ownership to it, but it had no connection to my actual life. Sir Blom, on top of having certain brand value and nobility to it, is however very connected to my life: It is often and by accident used by those who cannot pronounce my last name (Söderblom) correctly. There are even people in India and China who think that’s my real name. Long story, don’t ask.

So, we’ll go with this for awhile.

PS: Next post will be something sensible. Promise.